About Us

How was Big Money Rush Born?

There are so many trading platforms out there, so you might think that they are easy to set up and create. They aren’t. We know that effective, reliable, and extra secure software can take years to develop fully, and this was the case with Big Money Rush. In fact, we first got the idea for this app not long after Bitcoin was introduced all the way back in 2009.

Back in those days, the crypto trading world was a wild place, and not many knew much about it. This lack of experience and knowledge pushed many traders to make bad decisions and costly mistakes, including us! However, we kept going, as we knew we had something special.

Beginning to trade on your own is difficult, especially if you have no type of guidance pushing you along. It can be very easy to get lost. When we figured out that we were making some mistakes, we tried a different trading approach and began looking for help. Thankfully, we found others who were eager to help. This is what really pushed us to better understand things, which greatly improved the way we were making decisions.

Now that we have reached almost every goal that we had; we want to give back. We began looking for ways to share the knowledge that we have gained with the rest of the planet. However, we soon found that with so many platforms already out there, it would be more complicated than we thought.

After pondering this, we decided that the best way to help other people with trading was to create a trading tool that anyone can use, including beginners, regardless of their goals, skills, and needs. We found that most platforms out there were too difficult for beginners to understand, so this is what we focused on.

It definitely took some time, but we created a team of traders and developers who had the same goal as we did: helping others. This is when Big Money Rush was born and became a reality.

The Perfect App for Traders of All Kinds

The first thing we did when creating Big Money Rush was looking at some of the common issues that new traders have when they begin. After doing some research and analysis of our experience, we came to the conclusion that most of the concerns were focused on time, information, and plans.

Info has always been a huge factor in the trading industry. If you don’t have enough information, you won’t know how to create a trading strategy. This, of course, affects your goals. However, right now there is so much information out there on Bitcoin right now, this can cause even more confusion.

You cannot possibly study every bit of information out there. It would take you forever, and you certainly wouldn’t have time to trade. Everything depends on choosing the right information. However, it’s difficult for people who don’t know what to look for.

When you use Big Money Rush, you have access to a platform for trading that works with the fundamentals you need. You don’t have to look for other resources, since we have given you everything you need right here. This means you can take the info that works with you and create a trading plan.

We knew we needed to solve this “time” issue, meaning some people don’t get into trading because they don’t have time to actually do it. Having to monitor the market behavior for hours on end isn’t attractive for people new to trading, so we created an algorithm that does it for you!

After you set your trading parameters, the app will look for appropriate trades for you. Though we recommend that you check the app every so often, you don’t have to spend all day focused on it. Really, it just takes a couple of minutes each day to check in, and then you can change anything you want and get on with your day. If you combine both the information sources on the app as well as the time-saving capabilities, you are going to have a much easier time creating your next strategy.

Are You Ready to Start? Join the Big Money Rush Community!

When we first started trading, we believed that it would be totally impossible to learn it all. Now that we are here, we know that this is not necessary. Instead, all you need to do is collect the information that works for you, and then apply that to your trading strategy.

If you get enough practice, you can easily learn on your own, but it’s even better if you have help there when you need it. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who wants to learn more about how to trade or a pro who is ready to save some time, Big Money Rush can help. Join us today by filling out the registration form.